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  • Search for your personal data online

    We will help you find out what any curious person with patience can learn about you using a Google search engine and knowledge of popular articles like "check your friend/girlfriend." We will also show what a more scrupulous and persistent acquaintance or a fraudster can learn about you.

We work for you, and therefore we try to introduce the most popular functions into the system. Please let us know which functions are important for you, vote for the planned functions.

The more votes the function get, the faster it will be implemented.

If you have any ideas and suggestions for new functions, please send them to: hi@privacyaudit.me

Paid services

Search for an account among the hacked

We monitor the deep online market and specialized resources for the detection of your account (from any online service) among the hacked.

Unfortunately, online services are often attacked by hackers and sometimes these attacks are successful, resulting in an attacker getting access to a significant number (and even to all) of accounts and data in a hacked online service.

At what price, this function will be beneficial for you?
$ / month.

Check for a banking fraud

If your passport data suddenly leak to the web, this poses a lot of threats for you, including the risks of getting a loan from a bank or a microlending organization on your behalf.

The more quickly such situations are revealed, the more efforts, nerves and time you can save, because communication with collection agencies about a loan you did not even know about does not lift the mood.

At what price, this function will be beneficial for you?
$ / month.

Search for information about you that data brokers know and store in their databases

A data broker is a company engaged in collecting/purchasing information about people in huge quantities. Their goal is to collect as much data about you as possible and then sell it. They are huge multibillion companies.

We automate the process of building legal inquiries and getting you all the information regarding your identity that the data brokers store. You can create and send data inquiry to thousands of known data brokers in one click.

At what price, this function will be beneficial for you?
$ / month.

Correction of available personal information in Internet services

Automatically find all hidden and non-obvious privacy settings in the Internet service. We reduce the level of available information about you for visitors to the social network, your profile in the online store, etc.Will automatically remove any of your records and messages in the selected Internet service (social network, etc.) for a specified period of time.

At what price, this function will be beneficial for you?
$ / month.

Robot for building and sending requests for the removal of personal data from online resources

You have the right to delete your personal data from any resource and from any database (except for certain cases). But this process can be very bureaucratic, and, most importantly, time- and effort-consuming.

You can create and send requests to delete data about you to data brokers, online services, advertising agencies, etc. in one click.

At what price, this function will be beneficial for you?
$ / month.