Our mission is to help people maintain privacy and fight the uncontrolled spread of users' personal data across the Web. We are concerned about the security of your data, use all the necessary modern means of protection, and operate in accordance with the GDPR.

We are against the sale and transfer of personal data to third parties without the explicit notice and the user's consent. We don’t collect data about you until you register in the system.

At the moment and in the future, we will provide basic functions for our users for free. However, we also develop some additional functions that will be provided on a fee basis.

We operate in full compliance with the European legislation, including the GDPR. We search for and collect data only after your registration and proof of your identity. We do not store or collect information about you without your consent.

Our system is hosted in the Amazon’s AWS service. The data are stored in accordance with the current EU legislation. We start searching for your data only after your registration and the receipt of an appropriate request from you in the system, and the data is stored on the servers for no longer than 15 days, after which they will be irretrievably destroyed. Data can be deleted at any time upon your first request.