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2019 is finally here!

Like every year, people around the world have already made New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is to quit smoking, save money or learn a new language, almost all of us have some kind of goal that we want to achieve within the next year. After all, we all want to be better!

Here at Privacy Audit, we’ve also set a number of goals for 2019. And since everything we do is for all of you, we’ve decided to share these goals on our blog, so you know what is coming.

So here they are:



Perhaps our most ambitious goal for 2019 is to finally release a multitude of new features and tools, including assistance with data deletion.

In spring 2019, we will be introducing our Legal-bot, which will assist you in sending requests to companies to view or delete the personal data they hold about you. The process will be mostly automatic and require only a few clicks.


Here’s how it will work:

    1. We verify your identity using a third-party verification service.
      This means that we cannot and will not have access to the personal data needed for identity verification. We only receive a confirmation from the service that your identity is confirmed.
    2. You run a search audit and discover what websites have your personal data exposed.
      The audit will take up to 24 hours and show you what personal data about you is publicly available on the internet. We will also let you know if you have ever been affected by a known data breach.
    3. You select which companies you want to contact.
      You can choose companies from the list or choose a company of your own, which you believe holds data about you. If you choose a company not on the list, you will be asked some additional questions. You will also be able to choose a data category, such as addresses, geolocation data, or information about your family, and request that this data be deleted by all companies that have it.
    1. You send requests to these companies to delete or send you a copy of this data. 
      Using our system, you will automatically be able to send official, legal requests to the selected companies. All requests will be sent from your name and with your explicit consent.


That’s it! In just a few clicks, your requests will be sent and our bot will monitor the responses. Once a company replies, you will be notified. Should a company refuse or fail to comply with your request, we will assist you with filing a complaint with the ICO UK.

For now, the legal bot will only be available to UK citizens. However, we will also be introducing a Request Builder, which will be available for free for all registered users. The Request Builder will be a tool that allows you to independently put together requests to view your data or have it be deleted or amended. You can then use the created letters to contact companies on your own, without our assistance.

Of course, we will also continue improving our audit and further tailoring it to UK citizens. But it will no longer be available for free to all users. Upon registration, users will be given one complimentary audit, but further audits will require the purchase of one of our subscription plans.




We are already actively working on an app version of Privacy Audit for Apple users. We plan to first release a basic version that will include the search audit, followed by a full version, which will include all the additional features we mentioned above. Towards the end of the year, we also hope to release the Android version of the app.




As mentioned, our focus is currently on the UK and the majority of our services are specifically tailored to it. However, we absolutely do not plan to stop there! Towards the end of the year, we will be announcing the country (or countries!) we will be expanding to next. Who knows, maybe your country will be next!

In the meantime, if you want to be the first to know when our services become available in your country, take two minutes to fill out this survey.




Part of our mission is to not only provide our users with tools that enable them to control their online privacy, but also help make the process of data collection and usage by companies more transparent. To do so, we plan to publish regular ratings and reports.

The reports will include various statistics, such as how many requests were sent through us, how well companies comply with the requests sent through us, and how long it takes each company to respond to requests. Based on this information, we will also be publishing regular ratings of companies, which will highlight which companies are the best and the worst at complying with GDPR requests. Our reports and ratings will thus help keep companies accountable in how they store, process or otherwise use customer data.

As you can see, we have quite an eventful and challenging year ahead of us. But we’re excited and hope you are too!

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