Introducing video Privacy Audit

The Personal Data Control Assistant

We find websites that have your personal data exposed

Before you can remove your personal data from the internet, you need to know who has it and where it is being exposed. That’s why we developed an automated search system that locates your personal data online.

The main sources of data that we search in are:
Government resources Government resources
Forums and marketplaces Forums and marketplaces
Social networks Social networks
Data leaks Data leaks
Data brokers Data brokers
Darknet sources Darknet sources
Your search results are ready within 48 hours
1 Your search results are ready within 48 hours
2 Your search report is automatically deleted after 15 days
3 We let you know if your data was exposed during a known data breach
4 Answer clarification questions to ensure accurate results

We help you delete information about you from the internet

You have the right to request the deletion or modification of your data from any website. We and the law are on your side. All sites MUST comply.

Our easy-to-use tool sends data removal requests to companies on your behalf.

Your search results are ready within 48 hours
1 You can send requests to multiple companies at the same time
2 You can send requests directly from the online audit report
Send RequestsSoon

Use our free «Request Builder» to easily create official requests for data removal

You can create an official, legally correct request to delete, change or view the personal data a company holds about you. You can then contact companies on your own with this document. The builder is completely free.

It’s not magic, it’s your legal right!

We help people exercise their rights under the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018, including the right to have any company delete their personal data upon first request.

But we’ve made the process easier and faster by automating it, so that it can be done in just a few clicks.

We help people exercise their rights