PRIVACY— is this century’s luxury!

Your personal data can be bought, sold,
stolen and exploited by criminals.

PRIVACY AUDIT helps you keep control
of what is rightfully yours.

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Actions are performed only at your request and with your consent. The only thing we’ll ask for is your name, with possible clarification of your job or phone number. Armed only with these details, we’ll show you how much information can be gleaned about you online, and what threats are out there. The online search and analysis results are for your eyes only, plus anyone you choose to share them with.


The most common threats
involving personal data are:

"You will be responsible for what the thief
does while using your personal information.
You might have to pay for what the thief buys."

— These are the words of warning from the US Federal Trade Commission
about citizens’ responsibility to keep their personal data safe.


15.4 millionU.S. citizens had their
personal data unlawfully
used in 2016

3 million Hackers steal records
with people's personal data
every single day worldwide

$200 billionThe legal market for personal data,
the size of its illegal twin is unknown


We find your personal data before the bad guys do. We locate all the places where you left data, and then forgot about it. We verify the privacy of social media and marketplaces. We search for leaks of your data from government departments, payment systems, dating sites and other companies and services.
If someone tries to create a fake online identity based on your profile, we’re here 24/7 to warn you. Remember, fake identities can wreck lives. You are in a special risk zone if you happen to be a journalist, lawyer or public figure.
We’ll find out and warn you if an intruder tries to use a fake identity in your name to make financial transactions, apply for online loans, etc.
At your request, we’ll uncover what data brokers—the biggest hoarders and traders of personal data in the business—know about you personally.
With your consent, we’ll delete data about you held by personal data merchants, former employers and websites/services/companies that you do not use.
We’ll tell you straight what the threats are to you personally. We’ll advise you of the risks associated with personal data available online or held in the private databanks of personal data merchants (data brokers).
Protect yourself and your family!